Horizontal Body Types

Horizontal body proportion is the visual relationship between the width of chest, waist and hipline.

Horizontal body typing was the first method to be used in style assessment. Every aspect of style assessment is based on balance and proportion. If one part of the body is narrow and another wide, widening the narrowest area will provide balance, and restore visual proportion.

There are six recognised male horizontal body types:

  • The Trapeziod

  • The Rectangle

  • The Inverted Triangle

  • The Triangle

  • The Oval

The Trapezoid

If this is your shape, congratulations, you win first prize. This body is considered the perfect shape for a male. You are well proportioned and masculine.

Providing you don't have any dramatic prominent features, your body is one of the easiest to dress and you can choose the greatest variety of styles.

The Rectangle

This torso shape is very straight with no waist definition. This is a very common horizontal body shape for men and one that often accompanies weight gain and ageing.

The Inverted Triangle

This horizontal body shape carries an image of strength and a high self-esteem. The exaggerated upper body requires special attention to ensure a good fit.

The Triangle

This man has a shape is larger below the waist than above, and is often accompanied by a sloping shoulder line. When selecting clothing styles, this man needs visual shoulder width to create a stronger upper body appearance.

The Oval

This shape results from carrying excess weight. It is accompanied by a large stomach, full arms and legs. When dressing this body, design lines that slim and visually lengthen the body need to be selected to ensure the best possible appearance. A perfect fit for clothes is essential.