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Train as an Image ConsultantImage consultancy is a financially and personally rewarding career. When you are part of the transformation process that helps another person build their confidence, raise their self-esteem, get a job, recover from a traumatic event, find a life partner or earn a promotion, the outcome is truly satisfying.

Image consultants are paid to show people how to create a fabulous impression.  They see clients from all walks of life... from teenagers, graduating students, stay-at-home mums to high-level professionals, celebrities and politicians.  Image consultants also deal with more than physical appearance. Many also advise on behaviour, body language, people skills, etiquette, self esteem and confidence. 

While all image consultants will have a love of working with people and many will also profess to a long-term passion for fashion, that, in itself, is not enough to ensure a successful image career.  As a sole business owner, it takes personal initiative, dedication, finance, courage, entrepreneurship and lots of marketing and hard work to set up and maintain a career in image. 

While there are personal characteristics and abilities that assist in making an individual a successful image consultant, youth and beauty are not among those that are essential. A credible visual appearance, professional behaviour, apparent knowledge, and a friendly,
caring and attentive focus is all that is required. 

Individuals most suited to image consultancy are those who:

  • Have a natural sense of style and take pride in their personal appearance
  • Enjoy helping others to look and feel their best
  • Are self-motivated and have an entrepreneural spirit
  • Have a willingness to learn the essential skills of public speaking and self-promotion
  • Have the financial capacity to fund their business while it is in the set-up stage
  • May be working as a stylist and now wish to formalise their knowledge

Image consulting is a career that can be conducted full or part time, from a home studio or commercial premise, by men and women of all ages.

Train with a Company that has an International Reputation for Excellence and Innovation.

Being unique among training companies is what attracts potential image consultants from all over the world to our image consultant training courses. Image Innovators and our international licence holders offer world-class, internationally-certified image consultant training that is backed up with innovative and up-to-date image resources and products.

With over 60 combined years of image consulting experience, you can be certain that you will be in capable and experienced hands when you train with Image Innovators.  Everyone of our trainers are experienced image consultants who own and run full-time, professional image businesses and earn a full-time income.

Courses are run in Australia, South Africa, Mexico, United States of America and Slovenia.

We are so sure that our students are delighted with their training that we will provide you with the contact details of all course attendees from our last  three training courses. This way you can contact the students and ask them personally what their training experience, post-course mentoring and ongoing assistance has been like.

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